Sunday, August 30, 2009

How make money with free people search engine

A little about the program how it works.

Compensation plan:

Acme People Search Engine has 7 Affiliate Commissions
All that programs works in one huge program.

2 ways to make money with it:

1 - The Free People Search Engine.

Work with 3 main affiliate programs.
Clickbank, HD publish and My life.
Plus Adsence.
Visitors who perform a search you will earn affiliate commissions.

2 – Referral for new affiliate.

- Bonuses for join from Tissa Godavitarne.
-Commission from new affiliate paid by Tissa.
-Commission and Bonuses from the domain & host program. Here exist 2 options GDI and HostGator.
You can work with both.

Conclusion this program works with great tools.
Extra tool:
All questions and troubles answer.
And free bonus from Tissa.
You must see to believe.